Education for Balanka
(BiBa e.V.)

Association for the promotion of education and support for the village school in Balanka, Togo, West Africa

Where is Balanka village?

Balanka is located about 70 km to the south east of Sokodé (indicated on the map by a green dot) and about 3 km from the border to neighbouring Benin. For 30 years (from 1884 to 1914), Togo was one of the four German colonies in Africa. Togo was known as the model colony.

What is BiBa?

We created the association Bildung für Balanka (Education for Balanka or BiBa e.V. for short) with the aim of helping children and young people in Balanka with their education and training. Our objective is to support long-term economic and social development in Balanka and the whole region, which we are convinced depends heavily on the education of the population.

Which projects are receiving support?

The association supports the education and training of children and young people from Balanka. Currently we are helping with the construction of a village library. The village’s educational facilities are inadequate, especially the infrastructure and the local framework conditions for the existing state school. There is a lack of educational materials. Although every child in the world is entitled to compulsory primary education, most children, like those in Balanka, enjoy no educational opportunities because their parents cannot afford to pay for them. They are too poor to buy chalk, slates, exercise books, school books and the school uniform and cannot afford the annual school fees. Some parents are unwilling to pay these educational expenses, since they have very little cash. Girls are traditionally even more disadvantaged.

How do we help?

Donations and membership fees are used to strengthen the village education system. Parents, as well a pupils and children not attending school, will be taught the value of education through a campaign of awareness and motivation. To achieve this we need to provide free materials such as books, exercise books, blackboards, pens, uniforms, classroom furniture and possibly school fees.

How does the money reach those in need?

BiBa e.V. has its headquarters in Berlin and its account for donations is managed in Berlin by the Board of the association.Some members of the association come from Balanka. They help the Board ensure that donations are made available to those in need in Balanka rapidly and without unnecessary red tape.

Who is responsible for the administrative expenses?

The association does not have any administrative expenses, since any expenses that may arise will be covered personally by the existing members of the association. The members themselves or the Board will also pay any travelling expenses out of their own pockets. Donors can rest assured that every cent of every euro donated will go directly to the project. Every donor can access information about the project at any time and can find out what the donated money is being used for, thus guaranteeing that its use is constantly monitored.

How can you help?

Since the Togolese educational system uses school materials not available here in Germany the donation must be taken to Togo in the form of money and the necessary materials purchased locally. This also supports Togo’s small businesses in some measure.

We are asking for your support in this endeavour. You can help by paying a donation into the account shown below or by becoming a member of the association and paying a monthly contribution of 10.00 euros. Whichever you choose to do, you will receive a receipt which you can submit to the tax office, since the association Bildung für Balanka e. V. (BiBa e. V.) has charitable status.

For further information write to the Board of the association at:

Biildung für Balanka e.V.
zu Hd. Frau Affo-Tenin
Eichenring 14
14469 Potsdam
Handy (+49)-(0)171 - 2846228
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IBAN: DE13100205000003272800

Members of the Board of Biba e. V.:

1. Klaus Staffe, Chairman
2. Hamid Okokossissi, Secretary
3. Koko N´Diabi Affo-Tenin, Treasurer